Arts Next: Fall 2022

Portrait of Cliff Croomes in font of UT field


Cliff Croomes in the stadium

Marching Toward a New Future

Longhorn Band alum Cliff Croomes celebrates his first year leading the Showband of the Southwest 
by Rebecca Johnson

The Ring of Steel was a security cordon constructed in Belfast, Ireland during the Troubles Era to keep bombers from entering the city's commercial district. This undated image shows the aftermath of an explosion outside the Royal Avenue checkpoint.

Reviving Erased History  
How Associate Professor Kate Catterall used design to resurface a Belfast memory buried for 25 years 
by Cami Yates

Studio Art Professor Beili Liu conducts an onsite performance in Tromsdalen Valley, Tromsø, Norway.

Dreams of the High North  
Studio Art Professor Beili Liu delves into Arctic landscape and culture in Norway as the 2021-22 Fulbright Arctic Chair 
by Alicia Dietrich

Garden painting in Villa A restored from archival photos. Digital drawing by Paolo Baronio

Digitality in the Arts  
How technologies are transforming scholarship, practice and archival work 
by Alicia Dietrich, Cami Yates and Phil Rosenthal