COVID-19 updates in the College of Fine Arts
COVID-19 updates for UT Austin

Looking for faculty and staff information? We want this page to serve as an easy portal for important information for all staff and faculty in the College of Fine Arts. 

Human Resourcery - An Human Resources Podcast for the College of Fine Arts

Human Resources

Kevin Crook, Director of Human Resources
DFA 2.422A

Danielle Jones, Human Resource Coordinator
DFA 2.422

Dean’s Office Organizational Chart 

College of Fine Arts Dean's Office Organizational Chart

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COFA HR Resources

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IT Help Desk

The Fine Arts IT (FAIT) Help Desk delivers general computer, software, peripheral and networking support to the faculty and staff in the College of Fine Arts. Use the following options to contact us.

3 Ways to Get IT Help

Create a Ticket on the Web Portal

Create, track and collaborate online with UT Campus Central Services Desk:  (Bookmark this page)
Log in


*For immediate assistance call the UT Campus Central Services Desk at 512-475-9400 (5-9400)

Self Help

Common troubleshooting tips and instructions for COFA faculty and staff can be found on the Fine Arts IT Help Desk Wiki 
If you feel comfortable troubleshooting the IT issue on your own, search the IT @ UT Knowledge Base. If you'd like to learn more about campus IT support visit the ITS Customer Support Services website.

Always, include the following information:

  • That you are from the College of Fine Arts
  • UT Tag (for computers issues; silver tag with number on it)
  • location room/bldg
  • contact phone number
  • other people who are involved
  • as detailed description of the issue as possible
  • how urgent it is

Why we ask you to contact Campus Central Services and not go directly to FAIT?

  • The central Service Desk solves the needs for the UT community daily and have direct access to common UT systems.
  • They are the first contact for support so that FAIT is better able to focus on your needs.
  • If they are not able to quickly resolve your problem, the central Service Desk will create a ticket for you which is immediately routed to FAIT and allows FAIT to queue your issue. You can interact with any ticket you create either through phone or online at the user portal. Login here! (mobile friendly!) 

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Communications & Web Resources 

Communications Resources and Guidelines

The communications department in the College of Fine Arts shares the college’s most compelling stories to engage the media, current and prospective students, alumni, the general public and the university community. Our office is here to help faculty, staff and students with various marketing and communications needs. Our website includes the college's written style guide, visual guidelines, best practices for media interviews, social media guidelines and more.

Web Instruction

The Web team provides the college with help and guidance for Web related questions. We're engaged in keeping the college websites secure and making sure they comply with legal requirements and university policies. On our website, you can connect with us, find resources, learn best practices, get tips on how to improve your website's performance, and much more.

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Career Services for Faculty & Staff

Classroom experience

Fine Arts Career Services (FACS) provides a full range of services and resources to support students as they realize the full potential of their education and experiences. We are available to visit classrooms and conduct workshops for your students both in-person and virtually. Additionally, you can refer students to the Career Services office for one-on-one career advice, job/internship search assistance, and professional document reviews. 

Request a Presentation

Fine Arts Career Services is available to visit your classroom and conduct workshops for your students. Workshops are conducted by our FACS staff. We offer several 30-60 minute workshops on a variety of topics including resumes, cover letters, job and internship searching, interviewing skills, networking and self-care. We can also tailor workshops to your needs. We require 2 weeks notice for standard in-class workshops. Requests for workshops on special topics not in our regular workshop rotation may require additional lead time depending on how much preparation time is needed.

Our staff is available to conduct workshops Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm. Requests for workshops outside of these times will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you would like a career services staff member to present to your class, please email with your preferred topic and date. We look forward to collaborating with you! 

Collaborate with FACS

If you would like to collaborate on integrating career services content or appointments into your curriculum, please email detailing your inquiry. We are happy to work with you!

Special Requests

We welcome questions and suggestions about ways we can collaborate. Contact us today by email for more information or to discuss how we can meet your needs.

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Staff Council

College of Fine Arts Staff Council connect the college with the University Staff Council. You can also connect with the campus Staff Council on Facebook.

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CARE Counselor Consultations

If you are a faculty or staff member and would like to talk about your concerns for a student, you can contact the CARE Counselor for guidance. For example, if you’ve observed a student in distress or you’re wondering how to check-in with a student, you can schedule a consultation with the counselor to discuss how to support the student.

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Furniture and Equipment Exchange

Each semester valuable departmental furniture and equipment gets sent to Surplus that could benefit other COFA units. Using this form, departments may post items that they no long need.

Rules and Responsibilities:

  • The Department that owns the item is responsible for offering it first to their faculty and staff. Once items are posted, they will be awarded to respondent on a first come first serve basis.
  • Moving Expenses shall be paid by the department receiving the item. They shall be responsible for hiring Events and Moving in a timely fashion.
  • Interested parties are responsible for verifying the dimensions of the item, its condition and whether the items suits your needs. Once, the item is transferred it becomes the responsibility of the new department.
  • Inventory Control Tags – Transfer of Items with inventory control tags (Insert Image) must be coordinated with Erik Cabrera This shall include filling in the CCART.
  • The COFA Facility Manager shall review all postings. The goal is to avoid passing items that are beyond their useful life onto other units.
  • Storing unwanted items in hallways, corridors and loading docks is a fire egress hazard and this is prohibited.

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Department & School Resources

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Additional Resources 

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