Teacher Preparation in the College of Fine Arts

Student teacher Jordan Loveland (B.M., Teacher Certification, 2014) and Laurie Scott, Associate Professor of Music and Human Learning and Director of the String Project, work with students at UT Elementary School. Photo by Sandy Carson.The College of Fine Arts has been preparing artists, actors and musicians to teach in Texas public schools since 1938 when the college was founded. Thousands of art, music, theatre, and dance teachers have graduated from UT.

In the College of Fine Arts, we recruit and prepare future arts educators for the schools of Texas and the nation. Our students study with dedicated master teachers and clinical professors who have recent and ongoing classroom experience. Our graduates look forward to excellent placement in schools and communities. Almost 100 percent our graduates with teacher certification accept teaching positions in Texas public schools, including underserved schools. Some attend graduate school, while others decide to pursue a different career path.

The college offers teacher preparation degree options in the Visual Arts, Music, Theatre and Dance for students who want to study both the art form and prepare for teacher certification. Prospective teachers gain valuable experience as student teachers in classroom settings ensuring their success.

How to apply

You can learn about opportunities for future arts educators in a context that emphasizes community engagement, cultural diversity, technology and curricular innovation. Find out about the university admissions process and admissions requirements for the College of Fine Arts.

Information about Fine Arts teacher preparation programs and the required course work for each specific program is available through the individual departments in the College of Fine Arts.

Visual Arts Studies

Music Studies

Theatre Studies  

Dance Studies

Resources and Scholarships 

There are many options available to finance your education at The University of Texas at Austin. The College of Fine Arts offers a wide variety of scholarship and fellowship opportunities for our students.

Student Teaching

In the College of Fine Arts, we begin preparing students by exploring the profession in a hands-on way with field experience before student teaching. In the past year, Fine Arts students spent between 80 and 180 hours in the classroom and the community prior to student teaching.

Student teaching is an integral part of teacher preparation where you will implement the ideas and practices in your on-campus courses with the observations from the field experience. You will work with master teachers and clinical professors who have recent and ongoing classroom experience. Students can choose to teach anywhere in the state. Fine Arts Student Teaching Travel grants (FASTT) offer more opportunities to serve more diverse schools. Learn more about student teaching

College of Fine Arts Admissions Contacts

Department of Art and Art History: Denise Ortega, 512-475-8757

Butler School of Music: Sarah Borshard, 512-471-0504

Department of Theatre and Dance- Lily Wolff, 512-232-2741