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Dean Dempster standing next to Victory Ball sculptures by Anita Weschler

Welcome to the College of Fine Arts at The University of Texas at Austin.

The College of Fine Arts is a leading example of a “comprehensive” public arts college that sprang up in America’s public universities more than a 100 years ago. Our courses and programs encompass a large array of traditional art forms and traditions including classical music, drama, jazz, ballet, modern and contemporary dance, opera, playwriting, theatrical design, music composition, design and the studio arts in many mediums including video, photography, sculpture and painting.

Students in the College of Fine Arts are learning about the Ancient Maya and the latest developments in hip hop. They’re studying ancient forms of printmaking as well as the cutting edge of computer-assisted design and 3D printing.

The College of Fine Arts preserves the highest and best of our cultural heritage even as it pushes against traditional bounds to explore and invent new forms of entertainment and cultural expression.

We offer a vast range of programs from doctorates in Art History and Music Theory to liberal arts degrees, certificate programs for working professionals and even summer camps for pre-college students.

The college also includes Texas Performing Arts, a national leader in eclectic, international arts presenting, and Landmarks, the public art program of the University of Texas. Both serve as learning laboratories for the students of the College of Fine Arts. Explore the college through our website, and then join us for one of hundreds of annual performances and exhibitions!

Disciplina Praesidium Civitatis (“The cultured mind is the guardian of society.”)

Dean Doug Dempster signature

Doug Dempster, Dean of the College of Fine Arts

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