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Sarah Borshard is a clarinetist and guides prospective students through the admissions process for the Butler School of Music.

Sarah Borshard

Assistant Director for Admissions, Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music


telephone 512-471-0504

office location MRH 3.832

Jasmine McMasters

Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator, Art and Art History


office location DFA

David Rezaei

Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator, SDCT


telephone 512-471-0913

office location DFA 1.110

Natasha helps incoming students in the Department of Theatre and Dance

Natasha Small

Admissions Coordinator, Theatre and Dance


telephone 512-232-2741

James Tolleson is Director of Recruitment and Enrollment fort the College of Fine Arts.

James Tolleson

Director of Recruitment and Enrollment Management


telephone 512-471-0265

office location DFA 1.110

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