Support the College

Support the College

The UT Austin College of Fine Arts is the state's premier incubator of new creative thinking, artistic originality and fine arts research. And we need your support.

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UT is a public institution, but only 12% of UT's budget is provided for by state funding. Philanthropic aid is vital to sustaining our community. It provides scholarships so that students can achieve their academic and professional goals, programming support to keep the college at the forefront of arts education and resources to recruit and retain the finest artists and field leaders to our world-class faculty. We need your help to nurture the creativity and exploration that impacts our culture, our society and our nation's growth. 

Together, we can inspire creative lives to change the world. 

Top Fundraising Priorities

Center for Arts and Entertainment Technologies

The Doty Society

Texas Talent Scholarships

The Visual Arts Center

Piano Labs Campaign


Student Ticket Fund

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