FADC Guest Artist Initiatives Proposal

The Fine Arts Diversity Committee (FADC) supports and collaborates with the COFA units in the design and implementation of strategies that advance diversity.  By actively establishing and fostering a culture of inclusivity throughout the College community, the committee assists in the development of recruitment and retention strategies for underrepresented students, faculty and staff; provides forums for mutual respect, an appreciation of differences, and cross-cultural understandings; and prepares our community for a changing global society.

We welcome proposals from COFA students for projects that will further the FADC mission, including creative projects, exhibitions, productions, interdisciplinary collaborations, curation, performances, workshops, community organizing, or other creative or scholarly endeavors.

We welcome proposals from staff and faculty for guest artists and speakers whose presence on the UT campus will further the mission above.  Up to $1,000 will be available for each proposal originating from a single department or academic unit of the COFA; proposals involving collaboration between multiple departments/units may be funded up to an additional $1,000 for the project ($2,000 total maximum). Proposals must be submitted at least eight weeks before the proposed residency, and must provide the information prompted below.

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