FADC Programs and Initiatives

Guest Artist Initiatives

The FADC launched the Guest Artist Initiative in 2015 to provide supplemental funding to bring in guest artists and speakers who might expand our understanding as a college community of under-represented cultures and viewpoints. Visiting artists and speakers supported by the Guest Artist Initiative have included a symposium on Music, Property, and Law, as well as residencies by artists MezclaMark “Stew” StewartElizabeth Sayre/Susana ArenasTonya Pinkins; and a hip-hop residency with “Sampling.”

Application for Faculty/Staff requesting funding for guest artist(s)

Application for Students requesting funding for student project(s)

Inclusive Classroom Training

In 2014, the college partnered with the university’s Office for Inclusion and Equity (OIE) within the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement (DDCE) to launch the Inclusive Classrooms Leadership Certificate Seminar. The four-hour training program is aimed at empowering teaching assistants and assistant instructors with the skills to create a positive classroom environment and approach difficult situations that commonly arise in an academic setting.

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