Snapshot: Exploring the Relationship Between Humans and Nature

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
From Arts Next Fall 2019 issue
Students display a projected exhibition of nature seen through windows

Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies, Fall 2018 Senior Design Projects 

Team members: Griffin Hanson (B.S., AET, 2020); Alex Lin (B.S., AET, 2020); Francisco Uribe (B.S., AET, 2020); Rogelio Bautista (College of Liberal Arts); Nancy Tran (McCombs School of Business) 

Excerpt from project description: “The installation explores the relationship between humans and nature; specifically, how humans have disconnected themselves from nature and the way windows are used to admire nature but also to distance ourselves from it.” Photo by Lawrence Peart

SNAPSHOT is a recurring column in Arts Next magazine that celebrates moments in the College of Fine Arts through the art of documentary photography. 

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