New Faculty Member Q&A: LaToya Webb, Assistant Professor, Conducting

Friday, October 8, 2021
LaToya Webb, Assistant Professor, Conducting

LaToya Webb, Assistant Professor, Conducting

Tell us about the classes you’ll be teaching this year.

During this academic year, I am teaching undergraduate instrumental conducting, the Longhorn Band (marching and concert), the Longhorn Pep Band, wind band literature and occasionally assisting with the graduate wind band conducting program. 

What attracted you to the Butler School of Music and The University of Texas at Austin?

The Butler School of Music is a special and unique place filled with some of the best people in the music profession. I am so excited and honored to join the Longhorn family; it's always been a dream to work alongside the best to keep learning and inspiring all. There is such an array of cultures on UT's campus, and the community is hugely supportive. 

Your focus is music education. Can you tell us more about how your professional pathway led to this focus?

If I had not been exposed to music at a young age (3 years old) in the children's church choir, I'm unsure what path I would have taken, possibly marine biology. My love, passion and curiosity for music led me to play the clarinet in the fourth grade, in which I continued playing throughout graduate school. Music education is the foundation and overarching umbrella for every music concentration. I am so thankful for each music educator who has poured their knowledge, love and passion for music and real-life experiences into my life—I am forever indebted to them. To some degree, we reflect and grow to teach what we observed and learned as students, but what's most rewarding is finding my way and transforming to shape my approaches/philosophies while maintaining the integrity of my teachers and mentors. 

What’s something that students and colleagues should know about you?

Inspiring, encouraging and empowering others in and through music is meaningful to me. Music is a service organization, and what we do is not about us; it's about the many lives that we can positively influence along the way. I'm always striving to be authentic as possible, true to myself, my feelings, expressions, emotions, owning who I am as a musician, leader and human, and I encourage others to do the same. I enjoy diverse perspectives, training and experiences; it allows me to be fluid while functioning in various settings, rather than being limited by others or barriers.  

"Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations." — Dr. Mae Jamison

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not teaching/researching/working?

I enjoy entertaining and cooking for friends and family. I love visiting aquariums, dancing and traveling. Ultimately, I like "me time;" it allows me to decompress, reflect, recenter and refocus my energy and thoughts to keep pouring into and serving others.

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