Video: College hosts “Designing an Arts College for the Future” at SXSW

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The College of Fine Arts recently had the opportunity to highlight some of our new and evolving programs at SXSW this month. The University of Texas hosted their second “UT Live” event this year at 3Ten ACL Live with two days of programming panels, parties and exhibitions led by the brightest minds at UT to highlight the research, innovation and thought leadership of UT's faculty, students and programs.

The College of Fine Arts participated with the program “Designing an Arts College for the Future,” which covered how the college is evolving and shared the work of two graduate students.

Doreen Lorenzo, the executive director of the new Center for Integrated Design interviewed Dean Doug Dempster about what it means to be an arts college in the 21st century and how the college is responding to a fast-evolving landscape.

The college then highlighted two graduate student projects that showed what’s possible when arts break new grounds with technology. Lacey Erb and Kate Ducey, both M.F.A. candidates in Integrated Media in the Department of Theatre and Dance, shared two interactive multimedia projects that used motion-generated projection and incorporated live dancers and actors to create an immersive experience for the audience.

Erb’s project, “Reflective Impulse,” is a multimedia dance performance using projection and motion-tracking technologies. Ducey’s project, “The Culling,” is an immersive, interactive theatrical video game experience where the audience participates as players