Mark-Anthony Zuniga

Mark-Anthony guides student in the Department of Theatre and Dance

Senior Academic Advisor for Theatre Dance

Mark-Anthony provides a range of academic advising services to undergraduate majors in the Department of Theatre and Dance, including mandatory pre-registration academic advising and new student orientation advising. He assists transfer students with transferred coursework evaluation in the major, serves as a liaison for undergraduate majors with faculty, and assists undergraduate majors by interpreting institutional and departmental rules, deadlines and official publications. He provides majors with appropriate referrals to campus support services for academic and non-academic difficulties they may encounter. Mark-Anthony has a B.F.A. in Directing from Texas State University and an M.A. in Adult and Higher Education from The University of Texas at San Antonio.

How Mark can help you:

  • Department of Theater and Dance undergraduate student advising and mentorship
  • Department of Theater and Dance undergraduate degree planning

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