Student Teaching for Teacher Preparation

Students in a theatre class at Anderson High School in Austin.In the College of Fine Arts, we prepare students who want to teach by exploring the profession in a hands-on way with a variety of intensive field experiences before student teaching. You will have the opportunity to investigate the profession of teaching in classroom and community settings to gain first hand experience in theory and practice. Students spent between 80 and 180 hours in a variety of field experiences. They work with dedicated master teachers and clinical professors who have recent and ongoing classroom experience. 

Student teaching is an integral part of arts teacher preparation where you will implement the ideas and practices in your on-campus courses with the observations from the field experience. You will continue work with master teachers and clinical professors. Students can choose to teach anywhere in the state and in schools and districts that have been historically underserved by fine arts education.

The purpose of student teaching is to provide a culminating experience that is sufficiently rich and deep in the expectations, processes and rewards of teaching. You will have many opportunities to refine your skills. It can be the most challenging, rewarding and inspiring undertaking in your professional development as a teacher.

At the beginning of the junior year, students apply for admission to the Professional Development Sequence in preparation for student teaching in the last semester of study, during the spring semester. The program emphasizes a comprehensive approach that supports state and national student learning standards and teaching performance standards in the fine arts. Creative and critical thinking are stressed. It prepares prospective teachers for the rigors and challenges of today's diverse classrooms.

Many students complete their student teaching in the Austin area while others choose to teach anywhere in the state, especially in a Title I school. Some students prefer to do their student teaching in schools near their homes or areas where they want to teach after completing their studies. The college created the Fine Arts Student Teaching Travel Grants (FASTT) with the support of generous donors to enable students to complete their requirements in diverse settings.

In the College of Fine Arts, we are committed to helping you become as fine a teacher as your capabilities and dedication allow.