Teacher Preparation Resources and Scholarships

A Butler School of Music student works with a child as part of the String Project program.The University of Texas at Austin provides resources that include detailed information on the cost of attendance, financial aid and services to assist the majority of UTeach Fine Arts education students in realizing their dream of graduating on time from The University of Texas at Austin. In addition, a one-hour “try-it” course (Fine Arts 109) will provide internal transfers with an opportunity to explore opportunities in teaching the fine arts.


Most of the College of Fine Arts awards and scholarships are merit-based and dependent on full-time enrollment as well as excellent artistic and academic achievement. Recipients are chosen via a scholarship committee established in each academic unit. Information is available through the specific departments.

Teacher Preparation in the Visual Arts

Department of Art and Art History

Teacher Preparation in Music

The Sarah & Ernest Butler School of Music

Teacher Preparation in Theatre

Department of Theatre and Dance

Teacher Preparation in Dance

Department of Theatre and Dance

Teacher Preparation Education Organizations

The College of Fine Arts Studies Student Advisory Council

The Council is a group of students enrolled in the college's teacher preparation programs. Currently there are 13 representatives from teacher education programs in Art, Dance, Music and Theatre. Teacher preparation faculty in the college appoint students to the council. Council members give feedback and advice to the Associate Dean of Fine Arts Education. Members of the council also plan and host activities that allow students to meet their colleagues and faculty from other departments and schools within the college.

Members of the council:

Joshua Barker (Music Studies)

Madi Beavers (Visual Arts Studies)

Moises Correa (Music Studies)

Rebecca East (Theatre Studies)

Tanya Gantiva (Visual Arts Studies)

Ben Montero (Theatre Studies)

Chanse Morris (Music Studies)

Cassidy Oldham (Dance Studies)

Daniel Oshiro (Music Studies)

Mario Ramirez (Dance Studies)

Francis Rodriguez (Dance Studies)

Christian Scheller (Theatre Studies)

Kimberly Zielnicki (Music Studies)

Alumni members of the council:

Jacky Cardenas (Visual Art Studies)

Matthew Chan (Instrumental Music Studies)

Laura Crabbe (Choral Music Studies)

Oscar Franco (Theatre Studies)

Tawny Garcia (Dance Studies)

Natalie Gomez (Visual Art Studies)

Trevor Heim (Choral Music Studies)

Garrett Nichols Jackson (Theatre Studies)

Shaun Lane (Visual Arts Studies)

Laura Martin (Choral Music)

Arsenio-Trey Medrano (Music Studies)

Jacob Schnitzer (Music Studies)

Additional Arts and Education Resources

In addition to student organizations, there are many education and teaching professional organizations that provide more information to support the fine arts educator with critical professional development opportunities as well as additional information on learning in the arts and student academic and social development.