Endowments are incredibly important to sustaining the college's quality of excellence now and into the future.

Endowments allow donors to provide everlasting support to the area they are most passionate about in the College of Fine Arts. Endowments may be created through a single gift or by payments over a five-year period. These funds are then placed in long-term accounts, where the principal remains intact. The earned interest provides funding for the designated students, faculty or program.

One gift can support generations of fine arts education.

Endowment Categories

Faculty Support

Faculty endowments enable the college to offer salary support to faculty and special funds to distinguished lecturers. They also support and reward faculty for exemplary research and scholarly efforts.

Dean's Chair - $5,000,000 minimum to establish

Departmental Leadership Chair - $3,000,000 minimum to establish

Distinguished University Chair - $3,000,000 minimum to establish

Chair - $2,000,000 minimum to establish - recognize deans, department chairs and senior faculty

Distinguished Professorship - $1,000,000 minimum to establish

Professorship - $500,000 minimum to establish - awarded to outstanding mid-level and senior faculty

Faculty Fellowship - $250,000 minimum to establishsupport excellent teachers regardless of rank or tenure

Program Support

Endowed Excellence Funds benefit specific areas and programs in the college by enhancing art and history collections, research units and academic programs.

Endowed Excellence Fund - $25,000 minimum to establish

Student Support

Student endowments create opportunities for those in financial need, encourage students to strive for excellence and allows the college to recruit the very best student scholars.

Distinguished Graduate Fellowship - $1,000,000 minimum to establish

Presidential Graduate Fellowship $250,000 minimum to establish

Graduate Fellowship - $100,000 minimum to establish

Presidential Undergraduate Scholarship $250,000 minimum to establish 

Undergraduate Scholarship - $50,000 minimum to establish

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