Undergraduate Professional Development Committee

Undergraduate Professional Development Committee

Undergraduate Professional Development Committee

Open call for committee membership applications: FACS wants your input!

Are you interested in being a voice to link the Fine Arts Career Services (FACS) office with the CoFA student body? Do you have ideas about career-related programming or services that would be a huge benefit to you or your peers? Are you seeking an opportunity to build leadership experience? If so, FACS would love to connect with you!

The Undergraduate Professional Development Committee (UPDC) is a brand new volunteer student group created to increase student input on FACS programming and initiatives, as well as improve FACS’ student outreach and marketing efforts. Working in partnership with FACS, the committee ensures that both current and future services meet the needs and interests of CoFA students.


  • One academic year with option to continue into following academic year if not graduating
  • Three required meetings with whole committee per semester with catered lunches, including an orientation; ongoing in-person or virtual communication and overall responsiveness to e-mail


  • Represent CoFA student needs to FACS staff; acting as a connection between the two to enrich FACS’s ability to serve students
  • Think critically about effective methods to target, engage, and serve the undergraduate CoFA student body
  •  Openly share perspectives on student engagement with FACS staff
  • Individually maintain communication with FACS staff and meet time commitment goals
  • Collectively propose and implement a project related to UPDC goals
  • Willingness and flexibility to attend occasional FACS programming


  • Build arts administration, leadership, and professional development experience; work closely with Career Advisors to understand how to list UPDC experience on resumes
  • Be a voice in establishing more effective professional development outcomes for students


  • Must be an undergraduate in the College of Fine Arts with plans to be enrolled both fall and spring semester
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and an ability to effectively communicate with students, student groups and faculty/staff
  • Exhibit a desire and ability to successfully work in a collaborative endeavor
  •  Possess strong oral and written communication skills
  • Maintain a professional demeanor


  • Submit a 250 – 500 word statement articulating your interest and qualifications to be a part of the committee
  • Submit contact information for two UT faculty references
  • Submit a resume
  • Email all application materials to FACS@austin.utexas.edu by November 15, 2016


  • November 15, 2017

  DFA 1.103  ♦   facs@austin.utexas.edu  ♦  512.232.7333 
Monday-Friday, 10am-12pm, 1pm-4pm 

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