Arts Next magazine

Arts Next, the official magazine of the College of Fine Arts, showcases the latest innovations, work and research from students and faculty. Launched in the fall of 2016 and published every semester, each issue aims to inform and inspire. For more information on this publication please contact Jen Reel at

an image of the cover of Arts Next magazine, with a black background an actor wearing an animatronic raptor costume

Spring 2018

In this issue, our stories reveal the power of innovation, dedication and collaboration. Find out how students combined the arts with science and technology to create fully-functioning, animatronic raptor costumes. Learn how artist Richard “Ricky Lee” Gutherie spent two decades painting two replicas of an ancient Aztec manuscript and what that means for Mesoamerican studies; and learn more about one of the biggest changes in our college's 80-year history—the creation of our new School of Design and Creative Technologies. Read the full magazine online or download a pdf.

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the cover of the magazine features a 3D printed violin in front of a classic violin

Fall 2017

The bread and butter of the College of Fine Arts are the traditions of each artistic form—classical music, painting, sketching, Shakespeare and ballet. In this issue, explore the reinvention of these fine arts to meet the demands placed on today’s artists while preserving traditions of the past. Discover how design impacts health care, how 3-D printing instruments can create access to new music and how can the college prepare students to join and lead the next generation of creatives. Also, read about the ever-evolving work of Michael Smith, a world renowned visual and performance artist and professor of studio art. Read the full magazine online, or download a pdf.

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3D printed letter read come and make it

Spring 2017

This issue explores the theme of new works. Articles highlight students recording music and 3-D printing in The Foundry maker space in the Fine Arts Library, the Butler School of Music’s new string quartet in residence Invoke, and a preview of the 2017 Cohen New Works Festival. Read the full magazine online, or download a pdf. 

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as part of an art installation, there are stickers lining the wall.

Fall 2016

In the inaugural issue, the cover article examines the growth of the Design program both within the Department of Art and Art History and through the creation of the Center for Integrated Design. Also read about the diversity and innovation in the Dance program and music students creating opportunities outside of the classroom. Read the full magazine online, or download a pdf.  

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