Fine Arts Offers Course on Integrating Arts in the Classroom

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Students collaboratively define What is arts integration...through words, symbols and images in the Graffiti Dialogue activity. Photos by Heidi Powell.Launched in fall 2013, Arts Integration for Multidisciplinary Connections is an arts-based course taught by four co-instructors who represent each of the art forms: dance, music, theatre arts and visual arts. Approximately 40 undergraduates from the College of Education and other disciplines complete the course each semester.

The experience was designed to stimulate students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills and to expand their knowledge and experience in arts integration within each content area. They develop an introductory appreciation of each discipline and an understanding of the techniques and skills associated with integrating the arts into a variety of contexts. “Using the arts to grasp ideas, while simultaneously connecting personal experiences, creates gateways for someone to understand complex concepts in a relatable innovative way,” said Jenn Francis, an Applied Learning & Development major from the College of Education. “It will allow my students to explore their own creativity and individuality to successfully demonstrate understanding about a given concept.”