The Arts and Digital Literacy Initiative: Teaching the Basic Vocabulary of Digital Media

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Digital Story Telling. Photo by AISD and Yesenia Harrington.The College of Fine Arts and the Texas Cultural Trust have formed the Arts and Digital Literacy Initiative to focus on integrating fine arts education and technology. The initiative is a project-based, fine arts curricula for high school students that establishes the connection between traditional fine arts education and digital media. “The courses are based on a combined set of fine arts and technology standards that create learning experiences to develop students’ capacities for creativity, critical thinking, imagination and innovation,” said Thomas Waggoner, COFA’s Program Director of Fine Arts Education. The initiative creates arts instruction that is rigorous, designed to specifically develop students’ media literacy, with integrated, relevant skills in preparation for the demands of the 21st-century workplace. All of the courses within the program will meet the new standards for the fi ne arts in the Texas Essential Knowledge Skills approved by the Texas Board of Education in the 2015 school year. The College of Fine Arts has already provided workshops and trainings for more than 4,000 teachers.

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