How I Spent My Summer: Sasha Fishman

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sasha FishmanSasha Fishman

Junior, B.F.A. Studio Art

Baltimore, Maryland

Intern at Kendra Scott, Austin

What made you apply for the Kendra Scott internship and how long was the internship?

My sculpture professor Margo Sawyer, who I have come to know well after taking two of her classes, forwarded an email from her friend at Kendra Scott regarding their internship program. This was the first year of Kendra Scott’s internship program, and they were looking for a design intern. Kendra Scott is a popular well-known jewelry brand that is expanding across the nation. As a fan of their products and because of my interests in design and jewelry, I jumped on the opportunity right away. I was lucky to get the chance to intern for nine weeks at Kendra Scott.

What sort of projects have you worked on?

I was assigned to design posters of sales data side-by-side with the jewelry for past seasonal collections. Each seasonal collection is about 30 different pieces, and each piece comes in two to eight different color combinations. For each color combination, I created info graphics to show which colors and styles were most popular for past seasons.    

All 12 interns and I were assigned to create a potential product for Kendra Scott. We decided to create a watch for our product. As the only design intern, I got the chance to design the watch and create a model with the tools and supplies in the jewelry design lab. I also got to design the visual merchandising presentation for the watch as well as the packaging. This part of the internship was the most exciting since it was more hands-on, and I was able to exercise my creativity instead of being restricted to the computer.

Did this internship affect your goals in the coming school year?

I learned by working in the same room at a desk all day that I crave using a big space with many materials to create my art. I realized that while I enjoy using my artistic and design skills to create whatever a client may want, I value my proprietary works and ideas more than I thought. From this, I believe that interning and working for companies will be beneficial in any field I pursue. I plan to take the ideas I’ve developed over the summer and what I’ve learned about design and apply it to my approach in classes. I am also more excited than ever to learn different mediums and take new classes to build on what I’ve gained so far at UT and from this internship.

Was this your first summer to spend in Austin? What are some of the fun summer activities you discovered in your downtime?

This was my second summer in Austin. Coming from Maryland, I was excited to experience a new city and new opportunities. Austin has been an amazing place to me. For many reasons, from the people at UT to the professors, I make an effort to stay in Austin as much as I can. From working in a corporate space all day, I found myself inspired by the artwork in the office and motivated to make my own designs. After work I typically ran at Gregory, painted in new mediums, experimented with new art materials and did homework for my online classes. On weekends I traveled to Dallas, but when I stayed in Austin I got the chance to kayak on Lake Austin and try new sushi restaurants and coffee shops. Between work, homework and painting, I had much less time to try new activities than I anticipated. However, I feel like I learned much more than any other past summer experience.

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