All-gender restroom opens in Doty Fine Arts Building

Friday, April 22, 2016

Efforts of the Fine Arts Diversity Committee took shape in the E. William Doty Fine Arts Building. An all-gender restroom with a changing station opened on the second floor of the building.

“This new restroom is one of a number of steps the College of Fine Arts is taking to foster a more inclusive culture in advance of the University’s efforts to the same end,” Tim Creswick said on behalf of the committee. “In its five-year strategic plan, the Fine Arts Diversity Committee called for at least one restroom within each College of Fine Arts building to be designated as all-gender.”

This facility is now the third within the college footprint, but is the most easily accessible. There is an all-gender restroom inside a 3rd-floor conference room of the Music Building and Recital Hall and another in the Performing Arts Center. A campus-wide listing of all-gender restrooms is available online through the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.

The addition of the restroom supports multiple initiatives in the diversity proposal, Creswick said.

“In addition to signaling the college's support of transgender individuals, these facilities will better support our family-focused degrees programs in K-12 education in Art, Music, and Theatre, as well as the academic departments' research and outreach programs that engage with youth,” he said. “The College of Fine Arts is unique in that its departments and Texas Performing Arts present to public audiences and those audiences expect such facilities at performance venues and art museums.”

Aside from administrative offices of Art History and the Dean, Doty Fine Arts Building is home to the Fine Arts Library, classrooms and connects to Bass Concert Hall.

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