Digital photography lab re-opens to students after renovation

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Goyanes cut the ribbon on a remodeled photo lab.The Department of Art and Art History celebrated the completion of the digital photography lab renovation on May 1. The renovation is the first of a three-phase project to revitalize the program’s facilities, thanks to funding from Elena and Everardo “Evvy” Goyanes.

Last updated in the 1960s, this phase of construction transformed an area from five separate film rooms into a large smart classroom teaching space with nine new Apple computers, a high-resolution scanner and a film scanner. One film room is still available for students, as beginning black-and-white photography is still taught using film. Once students move into color, they switch to digital.

“This is nice, because before we had to go downstairs for digital,” said Griffith Greer, studio art junior. “Now it’s in the same spot and a lot more convenient.”

Evvy Goyanes, a photographer himself, said it was delightful to see the completed work and the rest of the photography facilities. His wife Elena is a member of the Fine Arts Advisory Council, which has spent time looking at how to upgrade existing college facilities.

“I wish I had had a space like this,” he said as he toured the facility alongside department chair Jack Risley and College of Fine Arts Dean Doug Dempster. The couple also had a chance to meet with students in an advanced photography course and see some of their work.

The Goyanes with a group of photography students“This lab renovation was much needed, and it is the kind of gift that will keep on giving to current and future photography students and artist educators,” said photography professor Teresa Hubbard. “We are so grateful that the Goyanes family have believed in the photography area enough to give us a grant for this important renovation.”