In Memoriam

In Memoriam

We said goodbye to these alumni and friends of the College of Fine Arts during the 2015-2016 academic year:

Tanya Barkley (Attended)

Dr. Robert Bays (Professor)

Ella Burba (B.M. in Music Studies, 1948)

Joe Burges (B.F.A. in Art, 1957)

Ann Burnett (B.F.A. in Art, 1958)

Bebe Champ (Attended)

Jeaneane Booth Duncan (B.F.A. in Art, 1951 & Fine Arts Advisory Council)

Julia Echols (B.M in Music Studies, 1957)

Mary Glaze (B.M in Music Studies, 1943)

Mark Hart (Fine Arts Advisory Council)

Dr. George Heyer (Fine Arts Advisory Council)

Dovie Horton (B.F.A. in Music Studies, 1948) 

Harry Hunsicker (B.F.A. in Art, 1954)

Anthony Pifer (B.A. in Studio Art, 1998)

Dr. Roger Schupp (D.M.A. in Music, 1996)

Timothy Tull (B.M. in Music Education, 1979)

We said goodbye to these alumni and friends of the College of Fine Arts during the 2014-2015 academic year:

Patricia Apstein (B.F.A. in Drama, 1945)

Elizabeth Atha (B.A., 1978 and M.A., 1981 in Art History)

Billie Beauchamp (B.M. in Music Studies, 1962)

Anna Beeson (B.F.A. in Art, 1965)

Roland Bernier, Jr. (B.F.A. in Art, 1957)

Charles Biedenharn (Fine Arts Advisory Council)

Culverson Blair (B.F.A. in Art, 1969)

Jen Blalock (B.F.A. in Art, 1949)

Bonnie Brauer (B.F.A. in Art, 1949)

Sue Brooks (B.F.A. in Drama, 1953)

Evelyn Cano (B.F.A. in Studio Art, 1980)

Charles Cappleman (M.F.A. in Art, 1966)

Ann Chadwick (B.M. in Music Studies, 1958)

Jeffrey Clarke (B.F.A. in Studio Art, 1997)

Marlee Dietz (B.M., 1976 and M.M., 1978 in Applied Music/Voice/Piano)

​Vince DiNino (Director Emeritus of Bands)

Gary Faust (B.M. in Music Education, 1983)

Stephen Gerald (Associate Professor of Acting)

Ruth Gurwitz (Music, 1948)

Jill Guthrie (B.M. in Music Studies, 1967)

H. Dan Hall (B.F.A. in Art, 1952)

Sue Heatly (B.F.A. in Art, 1960)

Patricia Hendricks (M.A. in Art History, 1979)

Laura Hickfang (B.F.A. in Music Studies, 1949)

Page Higgins (B.F.A. in Drama, 1951)

Patsy Hughes-Doty (B.F.A. in Studio Art, 1992)

Joe Irvin (B.F.A. in Art, 1960)

Robert Jones (B.F.A. 1970 and M.F.A. 1973 in Art)

Dorothy King (Music, 1945)

Melissa Lind (B.F.A. in Studio Art, 1974)

Chris Matten (M.M. in Applied Music/Voice/Piano, 1979)

Rudolph McGraw (B.F.A. in Art, 1949)

Jean McMichael (B.F.A. in Music Studies, 1947)

Mary Moore (B.M. 1954 and M.M. 1955 in Music Studies)

Charles Morgan (B.S. in Art, 1952)

Verbie Nelson (Attended, 1952)

Gary Park (B.F.A. in Art History,1968)

Florine Pearson (B.S. in Art, 1949)

Patricia Pierce (B.M. in Music Studies, 1947)

Kenneth Ragsdale (B.M. in Music Studies, 1943)

Marion Rast (B.M. in Music Studies, 1954)

Lillian Rhodes (B.F.A. in Drama, 1942)

Ruth Rhodes (B.S. in Art, 1949)

Martha Rix (B.M. in Music Studies, 1952)

Frank Salzhandler (B.F.A. in Studio Art, 1981)

Mark Schultz (M.M. in Music Theory, 1984 and D.M.A. in Composition, 1992)

Robert Scott (D.M.A. in Applied Music/Voice/Piano, 1973)

Harriet Shank (M.M. in Music Studies, 1955)

David Smith (B.F.A., 1959)

Shawn Smith (B.F.A. in Art, 1963)

Patricia Snyder (B.F.A. in Art History, 1981)

Doris Stanford (B.M. in Music Education, 1970)

Cynthia Steinbreder (B.F.A. in Drama, 1950)

Mildred Bachle Stinson (B.M. in Music Studies, 1947)

Teresa Templeton (B.F.A. in Studio Art, 1984)

Judith Thomas (B.F.A. in Theatrical Design, 1978)

Robert Tocker (Doty Award Recipient, 2014)

Virginia Trent (M.F.A. in Music Studies, 1953)

Jimmie Valentine (B.F.A. 1945)

Jane Vernon (B.S. in Music Studies, 1946)

Olivia Vlahos (B.F.A. in Drama, 1945)

Marjorie Voiers (M.M. in Music Studies, 1947)

Betsy Woodard (B.A. in Studio Art, 1984)

Alma Yeoman (B.S. in Art, 1950)

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