Strategic National Arts Alumni Project 2011 Institutional Report

Strategic National Arts Alumni Project

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2015 Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) survey! Your responses help us understand how your education shaped your experience and how you've used what you learned - both in your work and in your life. We look forward to sharing the results with you soon.

The Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) is an important, nation-wide collaboration between dozens of fine arts colleges and schools to develop a rigorous survey of alumni satisfaction and professional outcomes. 

In 2010-2011, College of Fine Arts alumni generously participated in the survey. We want to learn how your education at UT advanced your career goals, developed your artistic direction and prepared you for a professional career. We want to know the strengths and weaknesses of your UT education, and we want to know how you’re working in the world and what role the arts continue to play in your life.

So what did we learn last time?

  • 91% looked back on their UT education as a “good” or “excellent” experience.
  • 49% with a bachelor’s degree had already completed a more advanced degree.
  • More than half reported working or having had worked as a professional artist, arts educator or in an arts-related field.
  • Among those who wanted to work professionally in the arts, a remarkable 71% were doing so or had done so in the past.
  • Nearly half were teaching the arts.
  • More than 75% found work within a year of graduating.
  • 68% continued to make art or perform, and many reported very high levels of satisfaction and fulfillment in their careers.

Let’s see what we learn this time around.