Director of Student Affairs

Chris Montes (he/him) is the Director of Student Affairs and previously the Director of Advising and Academic Services. Born in The Bronx, Chris spent his early childhood in New York City. A family relocation then brought him to the Dallas-Fort Worth area when he was seven years old, and the young New Yorker found himself in the Lone Star State. After graduating high school - where he played bass trombone in the marching band – he moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas and has remained here ever since. Graduating with undergraduate degrees in Radio-Television-Film and English, Chris worked in the advertising industry and as a freelance videographer, editor, and photographer. However, he realized he liked going to school way too much. He thus left the private sector to earn his MA in Radio-Television-Film with an emphasis on film history from, yet again, the University of Texas at Austin. During his graduate studies, Chris found a passion for helping undergraduate college students. This led him to work at the College of Fine Arts office of Student Affairs as the first Academic Advisor for Arts and Entertainment Technologies, then the Senior Advisor for the College, and finally his current role as Director. When not at work, Chris enjoys video games, hiking, photography, DJing, and spending time at home with his fiancé and cat.

How Chris can help you:

  • All Student Affairs-related administration and coordination
  • Notable student cases
  • University-wide undergraduate administration and coordination best practices
  • College-wide programs (minors, Creative Leaders, UTNY/UTLA, etc.)
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