Andrew Dell'Antonio

Andrew stands in front of a bookshelf
  • Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Office Phone: 512-232-8209

Office Location: DFA 2.426

Department: Dean and Sr/Associate Deans Undergraduate Studies

Andrew coordinates the Undergraduate Studies team (Admissions, Student Services, Career Services / Professional Development) and is the college’s point person for various campus-wide academic initiatives. When he’s not taking care of COFA issues, he’s working with students in the Butler School of Music, where he’s been teaching in the Musicology/Ethnomusicology area since 1997. Raising two disabled kids has helped him become a committed activist for issues of social justice, especially related to disability and gender.  

How he can help you: Contact Andrew about COFA engagement in University curricular matters (especially Core Curriculum/VAPA and Flags) and interdisciplinary collaborations or other academic initiatives within the college and beyond that involve undergraduates. He also is a good contact for matters involving the Fine Arts Diversity Committee, since he is the Dean’s Office liaison for that group.