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UT sitarists bring culturally diverse music to Butler School

Friday, February 24, 2017   |  The Daily Texan
An illustration of a man playing a sitar.

Ethnomusicology professor Stephen Slawek created the Svaranjali Ensemble with the aim of exposing UT students to the rich cultural heritage of classical Indian music. He shared how this is also a deeply personal experience for him with The Daily Texan. The story also includes an illustration by Visual Art Studies student Madi Beavers.

Doreen Lorenzo on integrating design industry into curriculum

Monday, February 20, 2017   |  Austin American-Statesman
Doreen Lorenzo sits in her office

Doreen Lorenzo, executive director of the Center for Integrated Design, discussed with the Austin American-Statesman how the program is integrating design thinking into undergraduate curriculum by plugging industry professionals and techniques into the the classroom.

Dance concert celebrates the influence of black culture on modern dance

Monday, February 13, 2017   |  Austin American-Statesman
Momentum in Statesman

This week the Department of Theatre and Dance opens the dance concert Momentum, an eclectic group of dances that tell a collection of stories about how African diasporic culture has influenced contemporary dance. Charles O. Anderson, head of the dance program, discussed with the Austin American-Statesman the inspiration and student work that went into creating this unique show.

Butler School alumni to perform in Black Composers Concert

Friday, February 10, 2017   |  The Daily Texan
Artina and Martin McCain pose back to back

Artina McCain (D.M.A. 2011) and Martin McCain (M.M. 2006, D.M.A. 2008) were chosen to perform in the Austin Chamber Music Center’s Black Composers Concert, as part of celebrating Black History Month. The married couple spoke with The Daily Texan about this year’s concert theme and their musical inspiration.

The Foundry welcomes first artist-in-residence Yael Kanarek

Wednesday, February 8, 2017   |  UT Libraries
A woman breaks through a wall as part of an art exhibition

This week, The Foundry hosts its first artist as part of the Kirby Attwell Guest Artist Residency Program. New York artist Yael Kanarek joins the maker space of the Fine Arts Library to workshop with students from various College of Fine Arts programs and explore uses for the visualization and production technologies in The Foundry. She will conclude on Friday with a public talk about her work.

D.M.A. student awarded distinguished Japanese government scholarship

Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Nathan Mertens holds a saxophone

Nathan Mertens, current D.M.A. student at the Butler School of Music, was awarded the Monbukagakusho Research Student Scholarship to study in Japan for two years. The fellowship will enable him to do research at Kunitachi College of Music with Masato Kumoi, famed Japanese saxophonist from the Masato Kumoi Sax Quartet. As such, he will be the first American saxophonist to formally study in Japan with this program.